Wellness, health and purposeful productivity: Getting the things done that matter the most to you with balance and grace.

If you want something different for yourself, a new level of growth and development, a connection and access to be deeply productive around what really matters to you with awareness and a solid grasp on your wellness and health, I’m here to serve.

It’s time to STRETCH  in a NEW DIRECTION!

I train and coach individuals and groups in:
  • Renewing your energy – staying energized & engaged in life
  • Defining and owning your health and wellness – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Developing systems to stay organized and purposeful – sustaining wellness and balance
My Approach

My training starts with listening. You are the expert when it comes to you. Once I get your world, we attack inner barriers that you may be blind to which interfere with your ability to be balanced, happy and productive. Next we’ll create how to stay connected to what really matters and what really work for you. Then I will set you up with robust practices and systems that will get you there, and keep you there. Owning your time, your energy and your life is closer than you think.


From Meera Nathwani-Crowe, Business Opportunity Manager at Shell Canada Ltd, Founder of Engineers for a Sustainable Future

I have used Sarah Laughton as a personal coach for the past year. After several years of maternity leaves and part-time work, I felt I had lost my professional footing and was trying to resume my career from a significant deficit in confidence. Sarah was instrumental in helping me find my mojo again, and chart the direction I wanted to take my career. After a coaching session with Sarah, I was on-fire! I received several exciting job offers, thanks to Sarah, and have also found my voice again. Sarah is truly a gifted individual and I would recommend anyone to jump at the opportunity to be coached by her.

Be well