Values and Purpose

A life without adventure, integrity, health, personal growth and family would not be worth living for me. These are my core values.


  • Adventure = this word means fun, play, taking on big risks and exploring.
  • Integrity = I see that who I am is who I say I am and that I must honour my word to get the results that matter the most to me.
  • Health = There are rules to having a human body. I love to live by those rules and see how well I can perform in all areas, mental, physical and spiritual health!
  • Personal Growth = Giving up all that I know and being open to what’s now and what’s next
  • Family = Not just the people that I live with and grew up with but also my clients and colleagues. This word means high quality, intimate relationships with a common purpose in the world.

MY PURPOSE: To enhance the lives of human beings through developing a deep connection to one’s own health, wellness and balance. To enable others to do more of what truly matters to them.

Be well